About MPR

Founded in 2003, Music for Parkinson’s Research (MPR) is a local (Westchester, N.Y.)  organization, the mission of which is to raise funds by presenting annual chamber music concerts to support research into the causes, treatments and ultimately  cure of Parkinson’s disease.  To date MPR has raised more than $500,000. 100% of the proceeds from our concerts have been given in support of basic research.  Currently, and for the last 5 years,  the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation has been  the recipient of the donations we have raised.


Francie Camper

Carol Chase

David Eger, Co-Founder and Director

Jane Eger

Jonathan Eger

Ellen Grober

John Stine, Co-Founder

Naomi Stine

Who Are We?

Denny Jacobson

Eileen Lehrer

Robert Mencher

Cynthia Mintz

Martin Mintz

Regina Schwarz

Alan Weiner

Judy Zendell

The governing committee of  Music for Parkinson’s Research consists of the following members:

David Eger, co-founder and MPR director, Robin Elliott, President of Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) and Rhona Johnson, expert in area of Parkinson’s care-giving.

 John Stine, MPR concert musician, co-founder of MPR, psychoanalyst/psychiatrist; Robert Mencher, MPR ,member, psychiatrist;  Alan Weiner, MPR member, psychologist

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