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Beginning this year, 2015, MPR will set a goal of raising  $50,000 which is to be awarded as a research grant to one outstanding applicant of PDF ‘s research program. This individual will be specifically designated as MPR’s Research Fellow.


Selection of MPR’s Fellowship recipient will follow a two-step process: the initial review will be conducted by the Research Grants Committee of PDF’s Scientific Advisory Board at the annual grant review meeting. The committee is made up of leading Parkinson’s basic, clinical and translational scientists.  Once PDF’s grant selection is complete, MPR’s governing committee will then evaluate the research projects in terms of the quality of the winning applicant’s presentation such that it not only conveys its scientific value but also inspires MPR’s contributors to become more knowledgeable and more involved in the scientific enterprise.


This year’s Fellow will be Mathew Tang, Ph.D., from the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University.  Through his research, Dr. Tang will use a new imaging technique to learn about Parkin, a protein in the brain that may have potential as a Parkinson’s disease therapy.


PDF will provide supporting members with periodic updates on Dr. Tang’s research and answer questions to better understand and support his progress. Sometime in the late winter or early spring, 2016, a research meeting will be held to provide supporting and interested members with an update on Dr. Tang’s research.


For additional information, please visit or call PDF at (800) 457-6676.